ShowBox Apk Installation Guide for Android

ShowBox is an interesting application which is ruling the digital market today. It undoubtedly has some extraordinary content which is enough to entice people for their rest of the lifetime.


ShowBox is the easiest application to be used on your smartphone. Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand the application therefore, today we are going to share a user guide where we’ll be discussing the ways to use ShowBox on your mobile phones without getting lost in the app.

User Guide

  1. As you install Showbox apk and open the app, the home page will appear where you can notice a list of movies arranged in a grid style.
  2. Right on top of the list you’ll find few options which can be an aid to you for instance, on the left hand side on top you can see three horizontal lines. So if you tap on that a quick menu will open which contains an organized list of features like movies, tv shows, trailers, music albums, news, settings and account details. Through these options you can switch to other options like from movies to tv shows to news, whatever you like.
  3. If you go back to the main page, right next to quick menu you’ll see trending option. It contains a list of genres you can choose from like drama, thriller, mystery, comedy, animation, Sci-fi, romance, action, adventure, short films, documentaries and many more.
  4. A search option is created near the trending option, you can easily search for your desired video by typing its key words. This is the easiest way to search for the required video.
  5. Bookmark is denoted by a star mark. It allows you to save the names of the movies and tv shows you want to watch regularly. So by using this you don’t have to repeat the whole process of finding the particular series or movie.
  6. In the end you’ll find vertical three dots which actually contains few important things for example, settings, subtitles, languages, account and filter by. These are small features which can actually allow you to experience a better performance on ShowBox Apk.
  7. Now if you want to watch a movie, click on that. The application will show you a review and a brief introduction to the film.
  8. Right below the poster of the movie you’ll notice resolution options. You can choose different resolutions to run the film on your smartphone.
  9. You can either download or stream the movie by clicking on the desired option. And that’s it!


ShowBox can be the safest application to watch movies on. Rather than thinking of finding movies on Youtube or any other website, it is always better to download an application which provides you all in one service. The steps is the only way to understand the app well. So we hope this helps you in using the app more efficiently.